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  1. G

    Does anybody know how to create this type of art? PLEASE HELP!!!

    I'm trying to learn how to do this but struggling.. A lot of the images seem to be based on real photos which is what I'm trying to do. I've seen an artist vaguely describe their method which was that they draw the outlines in ArtRage, and then colour it in Photoshop. I've attached an image of...
  2. A

    What procedure or techniques used ?

    Hello , I am new here, I tried in ps yet i can't find the clear techniques or methods used in the below attached pictures. Please check and provide me any suggestions.
  3. C

    Best method to extend a background when model is outside of seamless edges

    Hey Gurus, I am reaching out to you experts to ask what method you would use to fix this photo. Specifically the background. I made the mistake of leaving the plexiglass on the floor which makes the reflections a PIA to deal with. I would just like a smooth plain white seamless, that looks...
  4. P

    How can I do this?

    Hi. I wanna polish the picture below. How can I do it? There are too many pages so I can't do it manually, I need some kind of method. Thanks.
  5. B

    My neck is problem

    I looked at the picture of me when I saw the dark skin on the left of the problem Which method do I use?
  6. J

    Images in a thread

    How to put multiple images in a thread? I need a detailed step-by-step method, please. Thank you. JoeJ
  7. R

    Hello to all

    Been using photoshop in some way or another for over 15 years and I credit it to providing a decent way of living. While I think I know a lot about PS, always looking for the next trick / method. Looking forward to learning from the best !
  8. N

    Tooth Color Analysis Methods

    Original: Method 1: -Convert to Lab mode -Added a 50% gray level Layer above the original and set blend to Luminosity (this is to isolate the colors) -Added a curves adjustment Layer and use the Auto function only on the "a" and "b" channels -Added a posterization adjustment Layer and in this...
  9. B

    What could be the best method to remove the similar attached images ?

    What could be the best method to remove the similar attached images ? I tried quick mask method with out success.And when i tried channel method i messed up the clubs :( :banghead:
  10. B

    If this is the given image which method u use to cut the background ?

    If this is the given image which method u use to cut the background ? i am trying to use channel method to cut from the white background. Some how when am brushing the inverted image the brush is also overlapping with the background which is black in this case and its giving some hallow or some...
  11. N

    developing correct colors

    i have a photo of a tooth with gray card and one of shades (A3 on the image): and image with colors: i've created an action that takes...
  12. T

    Fix panorama?

    Hi all, looking for assistance on how to smooth the blue sky in attached panorama. What is the easiest method to fix this stitching issue? Cheers, Sean
  13. J

    cd burning

    Grateful to anyone who can kindly send me a step-by-step method to burn a cd using Wndows 8.1 and Photoshop CS5. I prefer a typed text for the method rather than a video tutorial, as I find it hard to follow videos. I only want to know how to burn photos on my PICTURES folder onto a cd. Hope...
  14. webwize

    Complex Selection - Help on best selection method to drop out a background

    Hi, I would be forever grateful if someone could give me some suggestions on how to "drop out" the background from this photo (I have loads to do which are very similar). Thus far I have tried channel selections and the calculations tool + all the normal quick selection tools and I just cant...
  15. Hoogle

    simple method for increasing lip size or )anything else)

    not really a tutorial but just shows you the techniques