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    Lightening dark neck area of skin

    I have a bride who wants her neck crease lightened,,, I have tried a few methods like dodging, clone stamp with a 50% transparency etc and auto heal. Its does seem very tedious with these methods and very hard to get a good blend. Is there an easier, quicker way to lighten the dark crease in the...
  2. P

    Help making a dark exposure look normal

    Hi, this is my first time posting. I took this shot in Death Valley National park and cant get it to look right when I brighten it using the simple and common single click button methods... can anyone make this photo look normal? Thanks! by California Reptile & Amphibian Appreciation.
  3. N

    Need advice How to extrude in Photoshop CC?

    Hi, I need advice on what method I should immerse myself in order to learn expose/extrude photos from background in CC. I have looked at many films but it will be most confusing. Too may methods.
  4. T

    Deckled edge

    I wanted to add a deckled edge to a photograph to give it the appearance of an old print. There are a zillion tutorials online on how to do this that show several different methods. I chose one that works, but I wonder what is your favorite in CS 2014?
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    Water over cliff

    I am trying to create a scenario where water pours over a cliff (the cliff is a straight horizontal cliff across). The water has to have a real photo effect of a waterfall but not as dense as I am trying to focus on showing more of the cliff more than the water. I have tried opacity and masked...
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    Old skool illustration

    Hey guys, another question to put out there. Been in graphic design for a couple of years but never had that much of an educated background in the field so I often have questions concerning techniques / methods. I was wondering if you guys could give me a bit of an idea as to how this sort of...
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    4 METHODS to REMOVE Unwanted Details from an IMAGE with CS5

    These are 4 Techniques to Remove unwanted details from an Image without sacrificing the quality. Please leave your Valuable Comments if you like this Video. Suggest me any other method which is simple yet effective which I haven't mentioned in the Video. Thanks in advance.:cool2: