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    How can I create an image like this?

    Hey everyone! New to the forum and had a question! I wanted to create an image like that attached but didn't know exactly how and didn't know what to look up Thanks! Michael
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    How would you do this in Photoshop?

    This illustration appeared in today's NY Times Sunday Magazine. I've been trying all afternoon to achieve the same effect in Photoshop using the photo of Charlotte Rampling (sigh!) as an example, but having no luck. When I looked closer at the NY Times article I noticed that the credits say...
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    How to do this in photoshop?

    Hi guys! Let me start off by first saying how honored I am to be amongst photoshop pros such as yourselves! I am not new to photoshop by any means, however I have always wanted to know how to do this. This is what I am looking to do It's a picture of Michael Jackson. What I want to...