1. D

    HELP with Creating a Mock Image on a tapered mug!

    Hi guys, I need some help! Attached is a Photo of a Beer Stein. I've been trying to Add an image to wrap around it as a Mock Up but due to the conical design I'm having a bit of a nightmare. Can anyone help? I need it for a Product Shot for a website so it'd also be good to be able to easily...
  2. M

    Hello Everyone!

    I just found this forum after using Photoshop for a long time, and I'll do my best to contribute and help out. I've recently started doing my simple 3d mock ups and video in photoshop, and it's getting more robust but the tutorials aren't keeping pace. Nice to meet you all!
  3. A

    Change color on this mock up? how?! :(

    Dear people, I found a mock up (pdf file) I just love: (Link removed by admin) but I have a problem to change to a black color, the collar disappears and the t-shirt changes totally when I do it through "Layer style" and choose "overlay". See my version and you will see how messed up it...
  4. Soufian Ettaqi

    Adobe Photoshop - Business Card Template Setup (tutorial HD)

    Adobe Photoshop - Business Card Template Setup
  5. B

    Idea suggestions?

    Ok guys so ill start by saying that I am new to Photoshop, slowly learning my way threw things as I go. I picked up adobes offer on Photoshop/lightroom so those are the only 2 programs i currently have to work with. I am on a paintball team and we got jerseys made. We had quite a few problems...