1. B

    Help make the sky better

    Can someone help to make the sky less boring? and if possible use the wall and balcony in the second photo to add to the first? Its a gift for my girlfriend who is moving out of this condo and is very sentimental about it... Thanks in Advance!!
  2. D

    Unable to create mirroring glasses effect

    Hello, I am trying to recreate the effect seen on the purple glasses (mirror effect), but for the life of me, my usual approach of flipping vertically, cutting, moving and masking does not work. Can someone please help me out and point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  3. N

    Problem Moving Image to New Page

    I've come upon a problem with moving images over to a new page and have spent the past 2 weeks trying to figure out why this is happening. I never had this issue before. Now, every time I move an image over from the original scanned image to a new page, it appears on the new page...
  4. Paul

    2D to 3D moving images tutorial

    Try it yourself, i will be today.
  5. R

    Modify a selection without moving the image

    Hi I'm sure this is so basic but I can't think how to do it. When selecting an area I would like to modify/transform/reshape just that selection (the marching ants) without moving the underlying image. How do I do that?
  6. M

    Help with moving text animation

    Hi guys, I have been working on a banner for a website and i have come across some trouble when adding text animation. I have been trying to make a text scroll from one end of the banner, to the center of it. Simple stuff. However, when i try to do this i have been unsucessful. I enter the text...
  7. I

    After Effects Moving masks

    Is there any way to, let's say, there is a film of a man walking, is there any way to get a mask to follow this person, so can edit like the color of his shirt, and not have to recolor it frame by frame.
  8. F

    Illustrator Moving a layer to another document?

    What am I doing wrong? I have an image I inked and want to take that image and add it to another project Im working on. If I select tool move it, it simply makes a blank layer. Any way to open a saved file with my current work up?
  9. T

    Need Work, Moving Someone from One Photo to Other $20

    I was responsible for this years' swim team photo (I am one of the dads, not a professional). One of the coaches arrived late (the young woman in the far left of the second photo). I thought the first photo came out better but she was not in it. Can someone help move her from one photo to the...
  10. Paul

    Single image into moving gif

    I keep playing around with making gifs from single images, the effect i am after is a perspective styled 3D, do you think i am on to something?
  11. A

    Masking a Moving Object

    I've imported a short (2 second) video into PS as layers together with a still of the same scene. I want to create a mask for a flower which is moving. Do I need to mask each individual frame or is there an easier way of achieving this? I can't just create a big mask round the flower and it...
  12. K

    how to create a moving image

    When a web page is loading sometimes there is an image of a number of dots which move around in a circle. I need to create this image. I can create the image but I need it to move around. Does anybody know how to do this or does anyone kn ow a good tutorial for a Photoshop newbie which will...