1. I

    Photoshop request please lessen the blurriness in the 3rd image, the camera wasn't 100% focused Also please remove my double chin in the last photo, it was taken at an awkward angle Thank you so much guys, appreciate it :mrgreen:
  2. Eggy

    3D Blender Stainless Steel

    Another test in Blender... Beside repeating the same actions I tried on my own to explore Blender. Sometimes it went well and sometimes it was a desaster...:bangdesk: PS: the Stainless steel stamp on the middle chain link is PS...:mrgreen:
  3. Eggy

    The last in series of OOB's

    The last one with a touch of humour... :mrgreen:
  4. Eggy

    Book Hills

    It is classic and probably done a zillion times but just for not losing my dexterity... :mrgreen: Started with and a stock wood texture to get:
  5. Paul

    Bush the youngest

    Still having issues with the dodge/burn tools and sometimes when making coloured lines? Just a quick one really - bit of fun :mrgreen:
  6. X

    Hello all ...

    Just a PS enthusiast here. I've just been scratching the surface of PS for years. I've picked up a ton of PS knowledge from youtube & phlearn. I'll most likely just browse around the forum, there has probably already been a thread started about what I might be trying to do. Looking foward to...
  7. Paul

    Mona the warrior princess

    Just playing, bit bored today. :mrgreen:
  8. Paul

    What's in the junk box/draw?

    This is the little side draw to my computer desk, full of bits and bobs most of it if not all of it never used maybe the camera. Do you have such a space full of trinkets :mrgreen:
  9. hershy314

    New Camera

    Finally able to get a new camera so I'm not having to use my phone as much. I'm looking at this one but I'm unsure what lens to get. I think this one will work...
  10. F

    Two panorama's

    made with Serif panorama plus (and my super skills of course :mrgreen:) Taken this morning during 3h walk.