1. Eggy

    Happy Birthday MrToM

    A Happy Birthday to you MrToM...:wave1::wave1: :beerchug:
  2. MrToM

    Just Messin'

    Nothing but PS... 0:15 NO AUDIO Regards. MrToM.
  3. MrToM

    MrToM is not amused.

    Last night I had a 'D' drive. This morning, I don't. POOP! MrToM.
  4. D

    Help with image effect

    Can someone tell me how to reproduce this effect This is an old one done along time ago by MrTom and now i need to change one but forgot how. Regards dlc
  5. MrToM

    Is It Just Me..? #6 CC 2015.5.1 Guide Glitch...

    The problem: Using the 'Rotate View' tool (R) causes guides to erase themselves when zooming. :banghead: It appears to be just from one end as the guides are removed from the same end regardless of rotation. Here is what happens... 0:50 No Audio. So...Is it just me? Regards. MrToM.
  6. gedstar

    Happy Birthday to MrTom

    Happy Birthday MrTom :wave2: :beerchug:
  7. MrToM

    Plug-in of a different kind...!!!

    I don't plug them in I? :eek: :bustagut: Regards. MrToM.
  8. MrToM

    If only it was this easy...

    Not a bad toon though. Regards. MrToM.
  9. Paul

    One for MrTom and his penguin fixation.

  10. IamSam

    Voting for Challenge 31.

    Chris Eggy #1 #2 Zeealex EaseMaster Paul IamSam #1 #2 MrToM #1 #2
  11. MrToM

    Brain strain game

    For no other reason than a bit of fun try this: (For the benefit of others if you solve it please keep it to yourself) Below is a 128x64px 1bit image of someone we probably all know... Step 1. Can you recognise the person in the image? Just use the image above......don't try anything...
  12. dv8_fx

    IF PSG RULED, vote your winner for Challenge #30

    It's a much better place if PSG Rules..... Thanks to all of you who took part. And a big hand to MrTom for hosting this edition of the Challenge!!!! Now it's time to vote our winner!!! ANY MEMBER CAN VOTE.... but to the participants, please don't vote for yourself.... lol VOTING ENDS ON...
  13. Z

    Voting for Challenge #29

    Eggy #1 Eggy #2 revnart #1: Revnart #2: MrToM: Paul: Chrisdesign #1 chrisdesign#2 katekitty01
  14. IamSam

    Voting for Challenge 28.

    MikeMC #1 #2 #3 MichukoTFM Hybridmadness gedstar #1 #2 MrToM Paul ibclare Rajeev Desai #1 #2 CyborgAngel revnart Eggy