1. R

    Specific arrange the icy tower character 100 times in the photo

    hello guys, i am serving at the army and i have 100 days left until the release. i play a lot Icy Tower game and all the soldiers here are loving it. So i want to post a photo on Instagram of Icy Tower photo with 100 times the Icy tower's character. i want to multiply the character 100 times and...
  2. M

    After applying multiply blending mode, bounding box appears in layer style

    Hi, I am new to this form. I applied multiply blending mode to black and white logo to remove the white background but when I tired to add layer style the bounding box is still there. please any help to do that. I do not want to select the back and do masking. there is someway I have seen...
  3. M

    Photoshop automatically add new layers when using the rectangle tool

    So I'm new to photoshop and was trying to create simple textures for my 3D model. I opened a new layer under the texture layer (set to multiply) so I can paint it without messing with the texture's shading. That worked for me but when I try to use rectangle again after the first time it...
  4. G

    How Did Someone Save This T-Shirt With Multiply FX Embedded In It As PNG File?

    I have a t-shirt design program installed on our website and I need to create an overlay t-shirt that has the transparency like this one shown so customers can add various colors to it. The image below is from the demo of the t-shirt program, however I need to make one from a Gildan tee. It...
  5. chrisdesign

    Fire is his enemy

    For this composite I worked with both the warp tool and the liquify tool. All "fire layers" or set on negative multiply. Suggestions and critique is welcome. click to enlarge Image sources:
  6. M

    Multiply effect for dark objects

    Hi all Been trying to work this out via google for about an hour and havent got any further so thought id post it here and hope someone out there can help... I have designed a red coloured beer label in illustrator and want to put it on a photo of a beer bottle (brown) that I have taken...
  7. A

    Removing background automaticly from multiply images

    First, I want to say Hi, cause I'm new to this forum and I hope to write here more in the future. And I don't hide that I came here looking for some help. Here is my problem. I've got about 3000 photos, in which I want to remove background automaticly without selecting shape manually. Photos...
  8. K

    No one knows how to do this!!

    ive looked all over the net, this technique has to be the most well kept secret ever. there is a very simple effect im trying to acheive. i have scanned a greyscale pencil drawing and set it as a layer with "multiply" blending mode, so i can colour benath it. the problem is now i have to get...