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need help

  1. L

    Specific Person removal from complicated photo!!

    Please could anyone remove the woman in blue to the left of the photo (red cross). I’ve had a go but it hasn’t turned out very well. Thanks so much for any help, I really appreciate it!! 😊
  2. D

    Specific Need help face swap plz thx

  3. W

    I need help cropping myself into a picture of the Carrowinds Gates. Can anybody help?

  4. T

    need help editing

    i am trying to edit our new design for our school shirts. i'm trying to get rid of the white, and make it match the other kinda blueish teal color or have that area just an outline. every time i try it blurs out or i can't get it to change. i am new to photoshop and was wanting advice or any...
  5. T

    Will someone pleeeease photoshop a picture for me!?

    I went to a concert last sunday and won vip to meet my favorite singer of all time. I thankfully got a photo taken with him, but of course, have my eyes closed. Im seriously so upset i want to cry! if there is anyone that an possibly put eyes on the photo (if thats even possible) i will love you...