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    Can anyone help?

    Hi I'm new here a friend recommended the forum... Basically I'm in a bit of a mess I had a 2nd shooter help out at a wedding a few weeks back and she has messed up the photos she has taken I now have to get these photos to the bride and groom and really don't have much time so can't even begin...
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    Please remove two people from a ski resort image

    So, I need someone who can remove two women from the image. You see those girls to my left and right? I want them gone. (I sound like a mafia boss) Image attached. Thanks.
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    New Guy Needing Help!!

    Hello, I am in need of some help for a design/logo. With Christmas coming up I am wanting to get some hats/shirts made for our farm. I am not quite sure on what to put for a logo design, but the name of our farm is Farm Home Inc. If anyone has ideas/make something quick that i can go off...
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    Producer needing logos/banner set

    Hi everyone, my nam is fred mclovin and I produce dutch house. This is a genre of electronic music that is pretty popular these days. I suscribed here because I want to be able to create my own set of logos and banner with a professional look. Right now my work is pretty much amateur.... so id...