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    Need Help with .NEF plugin - CS5

    Hey guys. i'm having a bit of a problem. I know that in the past I have been able to open .NEF on my computer through Photoshop. Now this week and friend shot some pics with his Nikon and gave me the .NEF for me to work on them. Now my Photoshop tells me that those files can't be open. I went on...
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    Can't get .NEF images into Camera Raw 6.6 without becoming .JPG

    For some reason when I attempt to open an .NEF image in Camera Raw 6.6, the image automatically loads as a .JPG. Is there a way to keep the image in the native .NEF format when bringing it into ACR 6.6 -- the eventual goal is to then open the Raw image in Photoshop CS5. Thanks!