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  1. C

    How to achieve this look?

    Hi! I've been doing automotive photography for quite some time now, and i'm increasingly frustrated with the editing process. Long story short, I want to achieve this kind of look: They have this feel which i best can describe as "light". I'm looking to achieve the light look of the...
  2. N

    saving raw/nef after edition

    i want to open raw/nef photo in imagej and perform some color analysis so i need best quality possible. before I do that i need to open raw/nef in photoshop and adjust the curves to match some color, then save it. i open it with ProPhotoRGB, 16 bits. what is the best way not to loose quality or...
  3. N

    Make the best output of this picture

    Hey guys (and girls if any :D ) I need som brainstorming here. I have attached a NEF file that you all can play with. I wonder what you guys can come up with as the best final result of this image. It can be hard to see other viewers result i just want to know what you guys can...
  4. S

    Photoshop not opening NEF files

    Just had to upgrade from Win XP to Win 7 64 bit. Reinstalled Photoshop CS5 and now it wont open my Nikon RAW (.NEF) files. Bridge isn't showing the thumbnail images either. The RAW plug-in is version How can I fix this. TIA Steve