1. M

    Pixelating when down-scaling

    Hey guys How can it be, that when I save an image from the net to use in PS, that that image gets extreme pixelated and looses detail when I'm scaling it down to fit my background? My example: I've got a lake as a background and want an eagle to fly over it. I find an image of an eagle on the...
  2. T

    Photoshop Request: Please remove the netting / chain link fence

    Hi! Can someone please photoshop the white netting out of the picture. I know it's a lot sorry. I need it ASAP if possible. Thanks!
  3. Z

    3D Barrett M107 (revisited)

    While looking through my 3D folder during a spring clean, I stumbled upon a very old model I did of a Barrett M107, it was shoddy at best but still held up. I remodelled it using the knowledge I have now, and textured it up, popped it into a little scene on top of a weapon box and rendered...
  4. Paul

    Random off the net funny images

    Looks like @iDad as started early this year:bustagut:
  5. dv8_fx

    Renderosity 2014 Holiday Contest

    CHRISTMAS - the world's most anticipated, most loved (and most costliest) event is just around the corner. Renderosity, one of the biggest names in the internet graphic community, is open for submissions to its 2014 Holiday Contest ! This year's theme : STOCKING STUFFERS Categories...