1. MariaT

    This site looks amazing!

    Hi, just found this site and I have to say it looks amazing! I've always tried photo editing tools but just never seem to have the skills for it :neutral: Some of the skills you guys have are a real talent, wow! :thumbsup:
  2. I

    Remove words from picture?

    Can someone please help me remove "is hard rebellion" and then tell me what tools you used so I could learn how to do it? I've dabbled with Photoshop but I'm not very good :neutral:
  3. D

    Replacing only part of a background

    Hello. I have a photo that was shot partially in front of a window. I want to replace the window with a neutral shade such as the table the product is sitting on or the right side wall I know that if I select a portion of the right tan wall then free transform and drag to the left it will extend...
  4. T

    Finding neutral grey for color correction, without a grey card.

    I am familiar with using a solid color grey layer, blending with Difference and using Threshold to locate neutral grey. However, I don't understand it! In my mind, Yes, you will find neutral grey pixels in the image, but that cannot be what we are looking for. Are we not really looking for...
  5. A

    How to apply color corrections...

    Lets say I have a photo of a vase of flowers on a neutral gray background. The background has reproduced off color. After adjusting the color back to neutral gray I want to do he following. 1. Save the adjustments made to the image. 2. Apply that adjustment to a different image of the same...