1. N

    develop with color profile

    hello, I'd like to send my dental technican best photo of my patients teeth with a shaders pallette so he can put the correct porcelain colors. I've Nikon D90 with Nikon R1 side lamps. my current protocol: 1-set white balance with gray card 2-take photo of color passport side 1 3-take photo of...
  2. nubians

    Hello from Dublin.

    Hey, I'm Nigel and I live in Ireland. I began my interest in photography (nature landscapes, album art, architecture, human faces) a few years ago through browsing Flickr and other sites. Saving up to by my own Nikon camera but currently want to learn how to use photoshop in the summer. That's...
  3. Paul

    Light box effort.

    Made a light box for small image captures, these are some shelf items the wife doesn't know i borrowed:thumbsup: Camera used was my little Nikon coolpix a great little instant camera, forgot to turn off flash ergo blown front to image:bangdesk:
  4. J

    Good entry level dslr?

    Hi, I've been dabbling in compositing with stock photos and am realizing it would really help if I started taking my own. Some years ago I had a nice film slr nikon. Now I'm looking at the Nikon D3300 with a sigma 18-250 lens. My main use would be fantasy style portraits and random compositing...
  5. Paul

    Taking night shots.

    Having some issues with night shots stars especially. I have the camera set to BULB and the camera will not make a decision on firing? I have a small Nikon coolpix and it works in darkness without any issues (ok the flash fires but thats just how the camera deals with it), but my Nikon DLSR does...
  6. chrisdesign

    My brand new Steampunk Watch

    I searched for a new watch for quite some time and finally I found it. Here it is. Could't wait to share it. I shot it with my small Nikon Coolpix P7000 with available light this afternoon.
  7. M

    Boredom always leads me to Photoshop.

    A friend of mine went on a trip to Colorado last Sunday, and borrowed my 16-35mm lens, and I haven't had anyone to shoot with. I've been messing around in Photoshop due to a lack of anything else to do, and as we got a box of chocolates in the mail, logically, I decided to take pictures of them...
  8. E

    photo with nikon d7100 and new tokina 11-16 c and c welcomed

    took this one yesterday , first shoot with the new lens ,