1. admin

    Maintenance PSG Forum Downtime Scheduled for Monday October 16

    We will be performing a major forum software update tomorrow (Monday, October 16), at approximately 4:00 PM pacific time. The forum will be closed and unavailable for posting for several hours, up to 24 hours. When completed, the forum will be back online with a new look and new functionality...
  2. Eggy

    Hacked passwords in online database

    According to over 560 million passwords were discovered in an anonymous online database: To check yours use: I'm in there with my old AVAST account (not using that...
  3. M

    Could you please edit my picture?

    Could you please get rid of the brightness on the right side on the face, remove the earring and change the background to make the picture more professional (maybe a blank white background). I would also appreciate it if you could adjust the colours etc to give an overall professional fee (what...
  4. C

    Photoshopping an album cover

    I would like to change the text on the cover of Bastille's Good Grief but have not found a font that's even similar. I've try to use font identifiers online but two fonts intersect each other and I cant figure out how to separate them. Here's a link to the picture. Thanks!
  5. V

    Van_Photo new member introduction

    Hey everyone, I figured I have to introduce myself. I am a amateur photographer and PS lover. I use Adobe Photoshop / Lightroom. Becoming a member of a forum, I will be asking helps in this online community and helping out anyway I can. Thanks a lot!!!!
  6. admin

    Maintenance Forum Maintenance August 8, 2016

    The forum will soon be going offline for about an hour to complete some software upgrades. During this time the forum will be inaccessible. Once the forum is back online, let us know here if you encounter any issues after the upgrade.
  7. S

    Photoshop effects help!

    Hi there, I will get straight to the point, does anyone know how to achieve this in photoshop? Or is there a filter online I can use? Thanks!
  8. M

    how to do this paint affect

    I recently saw this online and i would like to know how to make this affect for my own logos and other projects?
  9. R

    tie dye/blend effect

    Hi guys, I'm trying to recreate these tie dye effects, however it's quite unconventional so many of the tutorials online don't really help me. any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!! :cheesygrin:
  10. K

    A newbie in making

    Hi all, this is my first post and I would like to be at least decent in photoshop. I'm using Photoshop cs6 and I found many tutorials online and on here just randomly put. But are there any gradual lessons/tutorials where I can slowly "master" photoshop. Thanks in advance.
  11. G

    Re_Newed Member

    Hi folks! My name is Virginia and I am a continuing learner of Adobe CC as a designer basically I went to Mcfatter College in florida for multimedia digital design course and am honing my skills any advice is greatly appreciated. I am currently working on logo design and entering contests...
  12. Paul


    How do you read an images metadata that as been posted online please?
  13. H

    What up?

    Hey guys, I'm a rank amateur, but have been using PS for years for basic stuff. Every now and then I get stuck and can't find a tutorial online, though, so hopefully you all will be patient with my noob questions. Thanks in advance for all your help!
  14. S

    Xbox 360 (online)

    Heya! Are here some persons that plays on the Xbox 360 online? I play Splinter Cell Blacklist everyday and CoD MW3. If you want to join.. :) GT: StephanieVM (say that ur from PS forum plz)
  15. A

    Printing Photos - Too much cropping

    Using PS CC. I have set a photo to an image size of 4x6. I am uploading to an online photo printing service to purchase multiple copies of the photo on 4x6 glossy paper. I've tried both Costco Photo and Shutterfly but the cropping that is required cuts into the people shown on the photo. I tried...
  16. N

    About online freelance jobs

    Hello I am new here :mrgreen: and I'm not sure if this post should be here or in the general section so please forgive me :redface: I would like to know which sites would you recommend for doing online Photoshop freelance jobs? Do I need to have a specific system? graphics card? screen...
  17. E

    Help needed..

    Hi guy's I'm fairly new to photoshop and am needing some help with project I'd like to start. Ok, so I am wanting to turn a photograph of our Dog (who recently passed away) into a black and white stencil which I will then cut out from plywood with a scroll sa for framing. (If you google scroll...
  18. gautamz07

    CSS gradients

    Hey Guys , Nofin much to do today , so just came on here i came across a really nice color gradient combination online , , i am going to try to make a few of my own and post it here , if you want u can contribute too :D I will be hand-typing the CSS...