1. IamSam

    Photo Retouching/Restoration Practice 4

    This thread is geared towards the newbies in our forum who are interested in retouching and restoration but everyone is invited to participate. Just try restore the image without colorization. I hope this can be a learning opportunity for new users and that our more seasoned members will be...
  2. E

    A free snowflakes template for Photoshop

    Hi there, In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to apply the snowflakes template that I created, on any winter photo that you take. You will also have the opportunity to download this template and use it however you want. Here is the YouTube tutorial: FREE SNOWFLAKES TEMPLATE Here is the...
  3. A

    Hello from Arizona

    I've been using photoshop almost daily since 1997. As a full stack web developer now, I don't get the opportunity to do as much photoshop work as I used to, so I signed up and would like to help where and when I can.