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  1. R

    Arching A Wordmark

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. I have a very quick, simple question. Is there an easy way to uniformly arch a wordmark? I've warped an image before, but was never really satisfied with the outcome. I wish the same options for text was available for any selected image. Please assist and thank you...
  2. P

    My dogs pawprint

    Hello! I would like a copy of my dogs paw print however he hates having his paws handled so the best I could get is a photo, if you could get me a copy of his paw print it would be greatly appreciated. I would like the outcome to look like the attached paw print pictures (print1, print2)but...
  3. C

    Rebound Apple Logo (Golden Ratio).

    Hey Gurus, so I done some research on the Iconic Apple logo and the usage of the golden ratio, here's the article I read.. Seems the theory wasn't used so I decided to do a version where...