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    Need to crop (simple)

    Yes before you say it I am a complete beginner in photoshop. I have tried looking up tutorials for this but nothing has really worked out for me. If you could please crop out the overlaying triangles that stick out (all 4) the side and make sure it blends in well. If you can do this for me it...
  2. E

    How do i do this easymode?

    Okay so.. I want to pronounce the shadow some more because I want it to look as realistic as possible. How do I do this? as you can see, the left arm on the sweatshirt looks very unrealistic because the print goes over it. i tried bitmapping and overlaying the shadow but that just made it...
  3. C

    How can I get a similar effect?

    Hi, I really enjoy this artwork but I would like to know how to re-create the style? Is it just simple overlaying or something completely different effect style? Thanks, Craig :)