1. F

    Curved Corner Gradients?

    Hi, I was browsing youtube and saw some people using corners like this, I would like to try the same thing but i honestly don't know how to, i know how to do gradient overlays like so, Has anyone done this and know how to?
  2. richardrosenman

    Image Light Leaks Free Pack

    Hey gang; I've just posted the first of many stock footage collections, and this one is 100% FREE. Image Light Leaks Free Pack is a FREE collection of 20 4K real light leak images, totaling over 64MB. As a professional digital artist, light leak overlays are an indispensable tool when...
  3. Z

    free digitally crafted fabric textures

    I'll be updating this thread as and when I've got the free time to do other fabric variations, and take the time to make them seamless. currently I have three nylon/polyester textures available for download. they can be used in any project you see fit, I regularly use them for my character...
  4. S

    Looking for some help on stacking layers (subject is different colors of hair)

    Hi, I have to generate images of combinations of two hair colors. There are 15 total colors, so that means 225 total images. I was hoping to shoot photos of each of the colors without overlays, then photos of the overlays. I'd like to make the overlays (which do not cover the entire image)...
  5. C

    LF free overlays for multiple games

    Hi im a new streamer and as such i dont have a lot of funds to work with so what im asking for is free overlays to be used on diffrent games for my stream games i will be using overlays for go as follows World of Warcraft League of Legends CounterStrike:Global Offensive Minecraft Hearthstone...
  6. Raptor.exe

    Some banners

    Hey guys! I was wondering if I could get your opinions on these banners I've made :) They are pretty simple, because I'm only at beginner levels :) I used character renders, and messed around with the background a lot with brushes and added some effects. I hope you guys like them!
  7. K

    Color Circle filter?

    Way back in the 90s on a Nickelodeon cartoon, the transitions were done with this animated pattern of color circles. I've attached a picture example taken from the show. I want to know if a filter for this exists in Photosop because once at a photography class, the teacher had something VERY...
  8. T

    Quick question about transparent PNG overlays in Photoshop

    Hello, First post, recently I have run into a problem with Photoshop. I am currently working with a client trying to make graduated transparent PNG overlays. I am in charge of creating different filter overlays for a new phone application (somewhat similar to intstagram, but not.) I am able to...