photoshop 2020

  1. Yorkmove

    Paid Alice in wonderland backdrop

    Hi. I work for a care home and we’ve recently had a mad hatter tea party. I will purchase a digital backdrop and would like the residents and staff photos edited to appear In the foreground looking realistic. We have a £50 budget for this for around 40 photos. I will need to email over the...
  2. N

    Question related to shading.

    I have been using photoshop for 4 months now and would like to see if my idea is possible. I have this stone wall texture that has lighting and shadows. I was wondering if it is possible to remove the wall but keep the shadows. If this is possible please let me know how it could be done. (Dont...
  3. S

    Paid Need Help Bracketing & Editing Panos for Virtual Tour

    Hi, I'm new to real estate photography. What is the best method to fix the color cast, etc in Lightroom / Photoshop? I shot -2 to +2 EV for HDR merge. I'm shooting with a GoPro Fusion 360 camera which has limited options. It only allows f2.8. I know I can shoot with my DSLR and stitch but I...
  4. P

    Straightforward rain effect tutorial in Adobe Photoshop CC

    Hi everyone! In this post, I shared a straightforward tutorial I created, which will guide you with adding a rain effect to an image. I hope you find it helpful :cool:
  5. I

    How to perfectly black out a face making it look like a shadow?

    As the title says I would like to know how to perfectly black out a face making it look like a shadow. Here's an example photo: I'm currently using Photoshop CC2020 Any help would be appreciated!
  6. P

    Uninstalling ON1 extension

    I recently installed Photoshop 2020 and it picked up the ON1 extension from a previous version. I don't want this so I uninstalled it but the extension is still in the list as 'ON1' when I click 'Window->Extensions'. I have searched the C drive and deleted every ON1 folder with any remaining...