photoshop cs3

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    How to make a catalog for printing

    Hello everyone im Niranjana and Im new to this forum. Im creating a catalog for my company and I dn't have lots of experience. Im really confused with the size of it. but I figure it out some how. my catalog size is 8.75'x11.25 its with the bleed my question is should I create the design...
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    just need help with photoshop and an introduction

    Hi, I'm just joining to ask some questions about photoshop. I've been teaching myself things over the years but am certainly not a pro. Thanks in advance.
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    Photoshop CS3 image resizing when moved

    hi all! I realize this may be a long shot because I'm using CS3 but I really hope someone can help me. I'm trying to create a page with 2 photos on it. (standard sized 8.5x11 paper). The background is a neutral gray with "Before" and "After" text boxes. Below each text box I'm trying to put a...
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    Please help me with moving gifs!

    Hi everyone! I have Photoshop cs3 and I know the very basics of making gifs from videos. Needless to say, I'm very much a newbie at these kinds of things. Here's the thing: I want to make a gif into a new, blank 'document.' When I place the selected gif frames into the new document, it is not...
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    converting 100 jpg images to 1 png image in photoshop in single action

    how to convert 100 jpg images into single png using photoshop in single action?
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    Camera Raw processing for .BMP images

    Hi - Does anyone know how I can open .bmp files within the Camera Raw adjustment panel when you open images from within Bridge? I'd like to work on some old images and am pretty certain i can tweak them the way that I would like within the controls there. Thanks, Peter OSX CS3