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  1. Simonetos The Greek

    How to put multiple values into an array of a dropdownlist?

    With this part of code, I am trying to put all found layer names (layersData) into dropdownlist2_array, but instead of a list with names, I get one line with all names!!! Any idea what am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance!!! var layerNames = []; for (var i = 0; i < layersData.length; i++) {...
  2. Simonetos The Greek

    Scripting Get values from an applied bevel and emboss effect for multiple layers?

    I created this function below, to get some values from an applied bevel and emboss effect, like shading angle, shading altitude etc. alert("Angle: " + getBevelAndEmbossValues()[0] + "\nAltitude: " + getBevelAndEmbossValues()[1]); function getBevelAndEmbossValues() { try {...
  3. Simonetos The Greek

    Explanation of a function line by line for learning purposes!

    Greetings to everyone!!! :) As the title says, I need someone to give me an explanation of this function below, line by line, for learning purposes. Thank you in advance!!! function getAllShapeLayersData() { var lyrs = []; try { activeDocument.backgroundLayer; var...