1. R

    Cut Out Image

    Hi Guys, I'm hoping that someone will be able to help? Please could this image be photoshopped so that the car is on a transparent background? Many thanks in advance, Robert
  2. Z

    Help plz

    How can I upload a photo to be Photoshopped ?
  3. T

    Could someone photoshop these cars out for me?

    Hi, I just need all the cars and stuff photoshopped out of this image please. Thank you
  4. J

    I need to be photoshopped out making it only the car please

    I need to be photoshopped out making the picture only the car please..
  5. C

    Is this reindeer real or photoshopped?

    Hi, I'm writing because a few years ago I got a scarf for rudolph and I put it by the fireplace for santa to give to him. My dad helped my set up a hidden camera to see santa take the scarf and I was really surprised when I saw santa bring the reindeer into the house when I watched the video...
  6. W

    Help editing picture

    Can someone please help me with this picture off my friend as he wants it photoshopped so he isnt squinting etc meaning that the picture will look better as he needs it for his mothers birthday present Help will be appreciated and he is on the left! He sent me a picture of his eyes if that helps
  7. H

    May someone please photoshop out the profanity?

    I need the profanity photoshopped out pleas. Thank you! Mod edit: Image removed now that the OP is happy with edit.
  8. A

    Need help please, present for girlfriend.

    I need some help making a present for my girlfriend, she loves Gears of War so I wanted my face put on the guys face below and the number 3 removed. The reason I need help is because I cant do it, I'm not that good with photoshop. I tried to get the similar lighting and look with the picture I...
  9. D

    Photoshop Request - Mjolnir

    Hi guys, so I have a request If someone would be so kind to take it up! I have an Image that I need photoshopped, I need the inside detailing of the second Imagine to replace the detailing of the first. I hope that makes sense!
  10. IamSam


    This thread is for everyone to post those questionable images that may or may not have been Photoshopped. This one has been in the news it Photoshopped? I have no idea. What do you think?
  11. chrisdesign

    Photoshopped or not?

    What are your reasons to assert that this picture is photoshopped or not?
  12. R

    I need pics photoshopped

    Hi, I require to have pics photoshopped, if anybody can help, I could make it worth your time.