1. Pipsmom


    Going to be doing my first time plaid (young girl) .....so thought I would seek advice before starting colorisation, do I use color picker like I do with the other colors or another approach to pick out two tones?
  2. C

    Erasing people

    Hi, please pick any of the four pics and erase the people around me and the one in the middle too. Thank you in advance
  3. B

    Changing liquid colour in bottle

    I have a picture of a bottle of paint and I want to change the paint colour, I've tried hue/saturation and colour replace, both do the job but I need to be able to pick the colour from a colour chart, and those 2 options only let me use a slider
  4. J

    Hello! Thank You For Having Me! J

    Hello! Thank you all for having me! I can hold my own with Photoshop and am always willing to help others learn more and pick up some extra tips. Thanks! J
  5. D

    Greetings all

    Hiya Denz from sunny South Africa. Communications Officer by trade. Relatively new to Photoshop, trying to pick up things between deadlines.
  6. J

    Hi, New member from Central Coast NSW Australia

    G'day all, Just registered. new to the forum, not new to photoshop. I've been using since photoshop version 5.5. With any of these programs, you can always learn more and that is one of the reasons I'm here. I never want to stop learning. So hopefully I can pick up more tips from other users...
  7. K

    please help.

    Can anyone swap the baby on my grandma's lap with one where he's smiling and clothed? thanks . I gave a few pictures of the baby to pick from but can get more. This means a lot to me. https://imgur.com/a/GAimp
  8. M

    Anyone stuck with music theory or music related stuff?

    Hey, everyone. Seeing as there is an abundance of Photoshop related help on here, I'd like to offer out my musical knowledge for anyone to pick at. Just drop me a question and I'll be happy to answer. :) Cheers, Josh
  9. A

    Help Me Pick a Name!

    Ok, so I'm going to set up a new blog posting tutorials on how to create print templates, inspiration round up posts and lastly, a free flyer template every friday. I was going to go with 'Flyerbox.com' but that's taken. What do you think would be a good name?