1. T

    How to make site plan like this.

    Hi! So Im in my collage for Architecture Technologist, and recently we've been given some examples, but without covering the process of how to do these drawings. So here I attached the view that Im specifically interested in. Can someone tell how to make this grass and gravel look in photoshop...
  2. gedstar

    Save 20% on the Adobe CC Photography Plan, Worldwide

    Adobe Photography Plan reduced price for one year Just thought I should add this bit from the T&C "Offer will be voided once the predefined limit of discounted purchases has been reached. This offer and prices are subject to...
  3. K

    Disaster recovery solutions

    Hello, guys! I need some help, Our company had an accident last month that cause us to lose all our data and online e commerce applications, it cost us massive amount of money to put everything back to normal. I am now searching for disaster recovery service that can help us form a plan, a kind...
  4. G

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone Look out I am a brand new user of Photoshop. So I know nothing I plan to be a casual user so will try not o trouble you too much