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    Help plz

    How can I upload a photo to be Photoshopped ?
  2. B

    3D what technic they use on these images ?

    I want to learn to create picture like that, I'm a photographer. I don't know what kind of this technic call. PLz help. thanks.
  3. O

    Brushes Some Help Here ..

    Hi .. Give me a good Website to download Beautiful Brushes plz ? Thanks
  4. S

    Plz help me decide PS book

    Hi all, I'm a new user and I want to buy a book on Photoshop as I find it difficult to read from from e-books. I'm from INDIA and i have selected Photoshop CS3/CS4 bible to buy as it is easily available from and price is very affordable. Just wanted to know that this book is in...