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  1. L

    Game mod Portrait (part 3)

    I would like this man (Ghazi I of Iraq) in the same style as the previous requests. (No colored pictures of him available)
  2. gedstar

    Photoshop CC2017 New Features and Bug Fixes

    More info More info on this release One of the main problems with installing a new version of Photoshop since CC2015 is that by...
  3. Paul

    One of my images used again.

    I apply to contests over at the world's biggest Photoshop contest site from time to time, it's an honor to have one of my previous entries used as the theme post. The Donald Trump Shining poster remake i mean.:thumbsup:
  4. G

    PS always opens old LPF

    Hi All As per usual I have a problem when I come here. Some month back I did a HDR Panorama on Photoshop. At the time i saved it and afterwards I discarded it. Since than when ever I open PS again it takes some time to beup and running because it's "open large picture file" On the first screen I...
  5. Hoogle

    Installing previous versions of Photoshop (or adobe Programs)

    It has been quite a bit talked about quite a lot mainly people being annoyed that the latest update of photoshop cc 2014 has removed the oil painting filter, So here is a quick guide to install previous versions without messing up current installs. Load up your adobe creative cloud app and...
  6. E

    Hello, I am Ellie and I am new here

    I am a novice on Photoshop. I have often used the Clone Stamp. Today the tool has a grey color on it from a previous action I took and I don't know how to clear it and start fresh on a new photo. Help anyone?
  7. G

    new to the forum

    Hi, I'm new here. My name's Sam. I'm hoping to learn more techniques in photoshop, considering I was not taught anything in my previous digital workshops.
  8. D

    I guess I have a difficult problem to solve with reference to my previous posts...

    I guess that no one has experienced this problem before pertaining to my previous posts with reference to blue colors won't print! Does anybody know how to reset Adobe CS5...