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  1. S

    help needed for xmas prints

    hello all, I am on here to hopefully receive some edits before turning some images into xmas present prints and canvases. thanks!
  2. C

    Images by Carl Bush

    Hi all, thought I'd post a few original images done in Photoshop for your viewing pleasure. As a Navy helicopter pilot, I often get asked to make helicopter prints for pilots as going away gifts. Here is a sample SH-60B Seahawk helicopter.
  3. V

    Hi from Hampshire U.K.

    I am an artist using photoshop for my fine art prints, greetings cards, posters, logos.. you name it!
  4. A

    How do I make patent prints for my maan cave?

    I have seen online where people are taking old patent prints and turning them into art. I would like to do this for my man cave but I am not sure exactly how to go about doing it. I want something that looks high quality with sharp distinct lines. I also want the background to look like antique...
  5. J

    Colour prints from scanned colour negatives

    I use a hp scanjet 3970 flatbed scanner for colour negatives, but am unable to invert the scanned negatives to colour prints. I also use Windows 8.1 and Photoshop CS6. My computer is a laptop. Have used the INVERT tab but no success. Can anyone kindly let me have step-by-step directions to...
  6. K

    print size problems

    Hi, I am in the process of doing canvas prints to frames, I have a print size problem. Whenever I put the size I want to print it never prints the right size, I am new to printing and Photoshop so any help would be great Thanks Kevin
  7. C

    Prints appear as brown-tinted monocolour using CS3 and iP4500

    Using CS3 and a Canon 5-cartridge iP4500 Printer I suddenly have this problem of all prints appearing in a brownish tinted mono-colour with .jpg files . The attachment "Untitled.jpg" appended here shows the page which appears in CS3 when I select PRINT. The printer is indicating that all...
  8. M

    Help w/ prints

    Hey everyone, first off, I wanted to say this place seems awesome. Browsed for quite some time and have got many tips off of here. Thanks for the experts that contribute. I am kind of new to PS. Been using it for about two years and am completely self-taught. One thing I have never tried is...