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    After Effects 3D text with double bevel

    Hi everyone, I am new to after effects so forgive me. I am trying to create a 3D text exactly as seen in the x factor UK this year. I have got close, raytraced 3D with a bevel, however what i want to produce is a little different. On the attached link example there seems to be a double bevel...
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    Hello from an old codger

    I am not very mobile and spend much of my time scanning old colour slides and negatives, converting the images into black and white and trying to produce acceptable, artistic results. In addition, I do a small amount of recovery of old photographs which is interesting. See you around folks.
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    Bumpy Metal

    Hi, I am making a 3d train model and want some help with textures. I am trying to get a metal look with little bumps on it, like i the photo below- Can anyone please guide me how to produce this effect in PS, any method will be bump map or just in diffuse texture. Thank you
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    I don't know if this is even possible but I can sure use some help :)

    Hey guys, I registered to this forum specifically seeking help for this one photoshop project. For this photo, I want to change the colour of each water droplet so that I can produce a rainbow effect using all the water drops. If someone can provide a tutorial/link, I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Looking for Graphic Designer (Game Studio)

    Hello, I am opening a new game studio and need a graphic designer to create logos, backgrounds and wallpapers. I know asking for someone to do this for free is quite a lot I am willing to pay you once I get funding to produce our first game, so if your good you may be able to stay around to...