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  1. starbird

    Path to reinstall of CS6

    I waited on hold for 118 minutes hoping someone at Adobe would answer my call. Clearly they they flatly refuse to speak to those of us who support their programs. Logic dictates that if there are that many questions out there... freakin' hire more people... what a concept. CS6 is giving...
  2. Rufkraft

    Thoughts on Tablets

    Greetings All, I have been toying with the idea of getting a new tablet to augment my work space. I currently am working on an Intuos but the draw of the visual drawing area is calling my name. Then i realized i needed to research before dropping, in some cases, an insane amount of money! My...
  3. 1

    Can't open images in CS5

    I recently had a lot of problems with my Windows 7 computer and after it was fixed I had to reinstall a lot of my programs including CS5. Photoshop was working perfectly before I had the problems but now if I'm working on an image and click on File, Save as, (jpeg is chosen) Libraries, Picture...
  4. P

    Hello everyone

    Hello! My name is Peter from Europe and i'm glad to be a member of Photoshopguru :) Photography is for a while one of my hobby's. I make photo's of nature, human and urban. Recently I have ordered Photoshop & Lightroom. Great programs with a lot of possibility's. I hope to learn from others on...
  5. S

    Installing KaiPower Tools

    I have PS CC 2015 running under windows 7 os, Iinstalled Kai Power Tools 6 in the plugins directory, I tried to open one of the filters but gives the error message :could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document.I went into the programs folderin PS CC2015 I find...
  6. B

    Still Learning

    I'm about to enter my 76th year on this planet and am still trying to figure things out. My initiation into the Digital World started with Premiere Pro 6.5. Adobe opened up a new world for me particularly with the Cloud allowing me to see new software. Before the Cloud I was familiar with the...
  7. D

    font not displaying - help

    So I've searched fr the last 2 days all over the Internet trying to figure out why a specific font is not displaying in Photoshop, but is in other programs (IrisUPC). Nothing has been of any help, so far. The reason this is such an issue for me is that I'd had this font on my other computer...
  8. H

    How to save corrupted PSD file?

    Hi everybody!I was drawing on my tablet in Photoshop. I just saved my work in PSD extension (as I always do because it allows me to use it in different programs like Photoshop,Corel,IllustStudio and SAI without merging the layers), then I went and added few more 'dots' on it, then saved it again...
  9. iNoob

    laptop for photoshop and 3d programs?

    any great laptop for photoshoping and using 3d programs (like C4D) smoothly?