1. O

    Good afternoon from Cornwall

    Hi all, I'm brand new here and just thought i would say hi to you all. Hopefully your knowledge can help me out with some projects i need to get done, and we can share some laughs along the way. regards, Sean
  2. I

    honest analysis

    please help the complete beginners like me with our photshop projects, and review the images we made!!
  3. I

    [$20 Paid Request] Photoshop a puppy into this picture!

    This is for a poster so I'm trying to make it as realistic & high quality as possible. Can you please add a sleeping golden retriever/lab/similar puppy on my back, curled up would be good too if possible. Maybe with a paw on my shoulder or something like that, I'm not really sure what I'm...
  4. M

    Hi there!

    Hi everyone. I'm Amanda. Just wanted to stop in to say hi. I'm new to all things Photoshop. I hope to take a class or 2 to learn the basics but I like to dive head first into projects and often find myself at a loss and need help. I love to be creative, hence my purchase of Photoshop,just need...
  5. B

    Hello community members!

    Hello members, I use Photoshop daily in the website I maintain for the gaming community. I also own a 3D printer and I am learning design for new projects to print, one of the reasons I joined this group. Brad
  6. Paul

    Right at the end...

    Not Photoshop but still really great to see out of the box thoughts going into art projects.
  7. M

    After Effects 3D Animation with ProAnimator

    Hi guys! What do you think about the new plugin for After Effects, it can good pretty good job with creating after effects projects.
  8. nicknikolaev

    Online project management tool

    Hello, my name is Nick. I'm the co-founder of the online project management tool called Casual. ( Casual is a project management tool that lets you organize tasks & ideas the way they look in your mind. You plan and execute your activities as visual workflows. This way of planning...
  9. R


    My name is richard! I usually have my mind doing different projects and in doing so - Can conjure up plenty of questions.
  10. Z

    Hello All Guru's

    Hello all, just popping in to introduce myself. I once tried Photoshop while trying create a website but was overwhelm with all of it's features. That was 6 years ago d now I have a few new projects that I think I need Photoshop for. Thanks or having me here zkirby
  11. W

    New member hello

    Hi all looking forward to getting involved in this community. I have several intensive film projects coming up this year and I will be needing to advance my photoshop skills quite a bit. i am primarily a writer/director and do cinematography on other peoples projects. The last five years I...
  12. K


    Hi folks, Quick note to introduce myself. I'm KidQuixotic, based in UK currently but planning to move out to Australia as soon as possible, for as long as possible. Currently don't use PS a whole heap but I've dabbled in the past with my photography, I'd like to get a bit more proficient...
  13. D

    dSkullDesign - Projects

    Hi! :wave:I'm young (15) graphic designer from Serbia.. Here i will post my latest project :cheesygrin: All comments are welcome AFTER WAR BLUE SPACE AFTER WAR METEOR APOCALYPSE PLANET EXPLOSION
  14. Joshlll

    Willing to pay for photoshop artist to alter a image for me!

    Hi all, so I have this idea for a image and I would like to turn it into a T-shirt when the work is done and give it as a gift. I lack all photoshop and artistic skills needed to make this happen so any help would be awesome. I would like to have this Bart Simpson changed a bit, I need it to...
  15. A

    Couple of projects I've been working on this weekend :)

    What do you think? Open to any criticism :) First one is finished, second one in progress: