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  1. N

    help for creating a proper mask

    hi i have problem with create a good mask for black sweater in this image because of hair. im using that mask to change color to biege color. can any one help me to how to take proper mask.(if you can provide your psd file for me it is also better :) ) i tried topaz remask,luminacity masking...
  2. N

    background removing help

    Hi there, i have a problem with this image background removing, i removed the background using ps & topaz re mask tool, but i can't get proper removing of the women hair. can any one help me to know how to remove background on these situations. Thanks!
  3. E

    First Proper Beauty Retouch Edit!

    Helloooooo good people of the PSGuru Forum! I have officially made my first proper beauty retouch edit. I'm really happy with how it turned out and am SO excited to put it up in my portfolio. It's my own picture too, so that's an added plus. Buttttt, I would very much love to hear what you...
  4. TiMmY

    Ok, my first proper post

    Here is an old work of mine. I've never really known what other people think of it but here goes: Took an image of me snowboarding and a wood texture, rest is just done with the pen/brush tool
  5. adeee

    need proper advise and guidence about photoshop.

    Guys am currently use Adobe fireworks cs5 and very good with it. but according to the local designing job requirement Photoshop is necessary. So i decided to learn photoshop. i obtain a copy of photoshop cs4 middle east. and have no idea how to use it. Now am here to ask you please suggest me...