1. G

    Face transplant for team photo

    Hi. I was hoping somebody might be able to help superimpose the smiling face of our goalkeeper onto his rather glum face on the team photo. His parents are quite disappointed the only decent photo of everyone else has one of their child looking gloomy. I've tried to do it myself but with the...
  2. HuckinFell

    New member in Birmingham, UK

    You may have noticed me posting some responses in the free requests section of the site and I thought I should take a moment to introduce myself properly, so here it is... Hello! :wave:
  3. C

    Photoshop face texture help!

    I'm very new to photoshop, and I was trying to create a face texture to upload onto a game I'm creating my character in. However I am failing horribly. I was wondering if anyone could help out I have the two files. I can't seem to merge my face onto the facetexture file, and line it up properly...
  4. G

    New Member

    Hi, I'm ganbee, I have been a photographer for 47 years, and have been using Photoshop properly(?) for about 18 months:)
  5. C

    Magic Lasso

    Hi, I want to cut a person out from a photo with a background and put them in a silly situation. Is the Magic Lasso the best tool for this? I can never seem to get it to "cut out" properly and then I'm unable to blend the figure in with the new background. I'm badly losing this Photoshop War! lol
  6. H

    Can't follow the instructions properly

    Hello everyone! I was trying to force myself into getting some work done by following this tutorial : However, I got stuck almost immediately at Step 2, because that's what...
  7. J

    how to blend in this image or make it into transparent

    how to blend in this image or make it into transparent so that i can blend into my image properly. This the image i trying to use to blend in:
  8. R

    How do you overlay images like this.

    I've tried doing this before using the magic select tool but it came out really tacky and unclean. How would I go about doing it like this, properly w/shadowing etc lightening changes to make it look real. I've got the examples of what I'm looking for. Thank you.
  9. D

    Help getting text like this

    Hi i am wondering if anyone can help me. I want to get the word kays in this style of lettering, It's more the bend and perspective which i am after not so much the colours. Properly really simple but I am finding it hard, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. D

    How can i create something similar to this?

    I have tried using the custom shape tool with an outline and it does not fit properly, would something like that logo have to be drawn by hand?
  11. O

    CS5 not opening files properly

    I'm using CS5 for photo editing (the latest updates installed) and have just started to have problems with opening files. It seems to be all files pds with several layers as well as flattened jpgs ect. When I try to open the saved file I get a white background, the layers pallet shows thumbnails...