1. C

    Paid Kissing Fix

    Hi all I need this photo to look like they are kissing. Please help! Will pay!
  2. N

    Specific Someone please edit this headset

    Can someone please edit this? Thank you! Please **Make it as realistic as possible!!** Even if you have to render the image a tiny bit lower quality. 1) Change the background to a different table (preferably a glass one) 2) Change the left earphone into a green one. 3) Move the broken...
  3. LeslieLushly

    Hi From Seattle Washington

    My name is Leslie. I am new to Photoshop and looking forward to learning from the pros!
  4. Zandoras

    Hi all, I'm Zandoras nice to meet you !

    Just passing to say hello from France, I just subscribed to the forum to get my little cousin a personalized gift for christmasn and considering I'm not really good at photoshoping pictures I prefere to ask to pros like you :p I also like to try some photoshoping on my own some times but I'm not...
  5. V

    Helpful books

    I am a newbie and working on the learning curve, I am sure it's been asked before but do the pros out there have any suggestions for good instruction books, dvd's etc.