puppet warp

  1. A

    Puppet Wrap function

    Hi guys, Starting from CS6 and above, in the Puppet Warp function (Edition), PhotoShop added a small black window that popups while accompanying the movement of the pin, as seen here in the joined screenshot That’s something annoying and wish to turn it off or even to remove it. Is there a way...
  2. miss.firestar

    Hi! Newbie here. Having problems with gif.

    Hi! I trust you are all well :) About me? I host the podcast and also create "tasteful artistic nudity" (hahaha I found that concept hilarious) Anyway...I am a artist and this is my first month working with Photoshop CC and as practice I am assigning myself projects... Hence why I joined the...
  3. P

    pinning/attaching an image, in order to distort around those stationary points

    i have an image of a tailor's mannequin in photoshop CS5. i have made a fake shadow that disappears into the distance. all ok - BUT.... i need to attach/pin the shadow legs to the point where they meet the legs of the mannequin, so that i can distort the shadow without it coming away from the...
  4. L

    Help with creating a flight map

    Hello everybody, I am in the midst of designing my wedding invitations and have arrived at a few roadblocks. We have friends and family all over the world and I'd like to incorporate that into the design. My plan is to have a world map with a heart on our town and (fictional) flight routes...