1. D

    Concert Photo

    Hey all! I'm wondering if anyone can touch up the faces in this photo so it doesn't look like we're all sweaty as well as dial down the purple light that's on on the faces from a nearby neon sign. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!:cheesygrin:
  2. S

    Beach fix

    Could someone please remove the lady ahead and to the left of the three of us? And then, please remove the writing on my daughter's purple tank top, leaving it all purple? It would be great if you could remove the writing from the reflection as well? Thanks!
  3. M

    Different colors

    Hi everyone, I'm making football kits in Photoshop, but there is a difference in colors on my laptop and my smartphone, how? Anyone who can help me? The kit is blue/purple but on my smartphone its bright purple...
  4. M

    Remove Hair Highlights

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help in removing the purple highlights from my hair to make it just blonde ? Thanks =)
  5. R

    Recoloring of tattoo designs

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting the following design as a tattoo, but I was wondering what the design would look like with the rose being a different colour. Is it possible to have 2 designs, 1 with the rose being purple colour and 1 with a dark blue rose. Purple being my favourite colour...
  6. A

    Purple hair please?

    Hi, Photoshop Gurus! I'm useless with photo-editing and I hope someone is willing to help me out. I was supposed to dye my hair purple to lighten the news (for Facebook friends) that I am having brain surgery soon, but the date is sooner than I expected and I can't dye it without jeopardizing...
  7. D

    How do I create this text effect?

    Hello, I'm looking to replicate an effect that I saw in a youtube thumbnail. I was able to make something similar by using render clouds and filters for the purple part, but the white text part I have no idea how to add that black smudging on the text. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. B

    Photoshop request from a noobie. PLEASE HELP

    PLEASE HELP. I have been trying to edit this picture to where the background is orange not purple. It is a prayer my football team does before games and it would be greatly appretiated!
  9. M

    Colors look really weird!!!

    Having trouble with my colors. Have a new computer and installed Photoshop CS4 again, this time 64 bits. Every single image looks like crap, they have a purple/magenta color cast all over. Have tried different color settings but I have everything as I had before. Anyone who knows how to fix...
  10. P

    White Tiger w/purple and black abstract background

    I am looking for some artwork for my fiances. Basically, she loves white tigers and the colors purple and black. I wanted to surprise her with some cool artwork in addition to having it applied to a cell case. The artwork must be geared to fit the case in the following link, meaning the...