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  1. S

    Random Edits

    Just a couple random edits that I made for my friends at school (per request). :P Let me know what you think!
  2. J

    how to create something like this ?

    hi I am new to this forum and I hope that this question is on-topic. I want to create something like this It's about the "random" white patches on the red areas. How to create this kind of stamp look ?
  3. C


    Hello. I have been using photoshop for a long time, but am still a beginner. I am still on version 7.0. Most importantly, I wanted to let the administration know that their "random" question has last year as the answer still.
  4. C

    Hello PSG

    Hello I am Crit Hit. I play a Video Game called Final Fantasy 14. My interest is to learn how to retouch and improve in game screenshots. Also i wanna learn and improve colouring techniques for Line Arts/sketches related to that game. So far my attempts have been random and spaced in...
  5. B

    Is this Pic Photoshopped?

    Hey Folks, i bought a Dslr, the ccd was smeared with some odd silver paste. Can someone have a look at these pictures, is it possible that the sensor has been covered with a black layer? I compared the alpha 58 i bought with an eos, photographed by the same seller, a random a77 and other a58...
  6. agentmoeller

    Illustrator switching to grayscale

    I'm wondering if there's a keyboard shortcut to change your file to grayscale, or something like that, because it seems to happen at random times when I'm working in Illustrator.:evil:
  7. Paul

    Random images you have taken.

    The idea is for you to post images you have taken yourself, from your camera or phone no matter of the quality, just random off the cuff images that you just grabbed. As usual the bird turned away from the camera and decided to walk into shaded area and not turn around again lol.
  8. gautamz07

    Something random

    Sundays are so boring , had nothing to do , so just opened PS , downloaded some images from google and made something really random :P Hope u like it guys . regards . Gautam.
  9. D

    Illustrator Why is Illustrator outlining my fonts without my command to do so?

    I design packaging. As I am working, I notice my fonts look strange. When I click on them I file one to six copies of the text outlined on top of the live text. I delete them one at a time and they come back within hours. I can not find a reason for this. There does not appear to be any pattern...
  10. Z

    some... random wallpaper

    i decided to have a quick spark of idiocy again, sorry XD hope you like it. critiques welcome :D
  11. W


    maybe we put some photoshop tips or tricks in every browse or photoshop tricks and tips for a day.. hope you understand may english..:lol:....
  12. R

    Felt like doing something random.

    Green duck! very basic, but just felt like doing it :)
  13. marcosgnfilho

    Idle time + random pic

    Hey everyone! This is the profile photo. I want you to see it on better quality. I've found an hi-res picture of my own arm and tried to do something with it, so, that's not an especial meaning, but I liked the result. I don't have the photo without editing here, so later I'll post it on...
  14. Z

    some random tiger eye thing i did

    hard to explain what cam over me when i did this, it was impulse C&C welcome another one slightly off topic that was like i dunno 20 seconds of messing around with brushes :P
  15. P

    Random pics

    I'm totally newbie and I have just cheap digital compact but I want to share with you my new photos from yesterday. Flickr: PoetAnderson's Photostream