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    Beginners work

    Hey guys I'm quite new to photoshop and havn't had much experience so i gave a shot at recoloring a couple pictures. Hope you like them.:wave:
  2. P

    Recoloring a car [but this time, not a different color]

    OK, so I'm fairly competent at basic Photoshop skills like lasso tool, color etc. but need to brush up on them. I can recolor things at a basic level, but here's one problem. This is my image: However, I am trying to recolor it so it has these markings on: I can (just about) interchange...
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    How to do EXACT recoloring?

    Let's say I have a simple image with some text and a blue background, RGB (32, 45, 213) I want to recolor the image such that the blue background changes to a green background. I want the green background to be an exact colour, RGB (34, 176, 62) How do I get about doing that? Thanks.
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    Removing print patterns and re-coloring

    Hello wise gurus, I am currently editing some ski action shots. The jackets have a printed pattern. I need to remove the pattern, while keeping the details of the jacket, and re-color the jacket. This is above my limited (self taught) photoshop knowledge. I am not sure how to approach...
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    i love recoloring!! (new recoloring inside)

    i love this, it's so liberating! :D Before: After C&C welcome as usual, i'd love to hear what you guys n gals think of this be as harsh as you want :thumbsup: