1. W

    Recommend a Photoshop book aiming at Webmastering skills (mainly cutting layouts)

    Hi all :) I'm going into front-end development and more and more job offers require some basic Photoshop skills, mainly for cutting layouts (i.e. single page views prepared in Photoshop). Can you recommend some books / chapters in books that have tools mainly for these kind of tasks? Some basic...
  2. gedstar

    Compositing in Photoshop

    Just found this post, thought it might be useful for people here, although I don't recommend turning on the volume to watch the video unless you like weird music :)
  3. D

    Changing DAYTIME to NIGHTTIME..?

    Hi photoshop masters, I'm trying to change this photo (attached below) from it's plain, overcast-ish original to a dramatic nighttime photo. Can anyone recommend any tutorials or advice? thanks!!