1. P

    Photoshop help again please!

    I need to write the background for the main antagonist now, here is the reference image What i need changed to the reference is picture is the removal of all the white 'eye' emblems (on her shoulders, chest, and face), the removal of the 'horn' on her head so that it's just a smooth plain...
  2. agentmoeller

    Rufous hummingbird

    Painted from a reference photo in Procreate for iPad.
  3. R

    Please remove the man from the picture

    Dear Members, please remove the man from the first photo, so it is just me and the baby. The second picture is for reference for the wall. Thanks in advance!
  4. F

    Photoshopping my eyes so they look less beady.

    Hey there, Could someone please photoshop this photo of me (glasses) with Tim Farron so that my eyes look less small, creepy and beady? I've also attached a reference image of how I normally look, in case you need to know what my eyes look like :) Sorry about the orientation :) Thanks! Felix
  5. agentmoeller

    Ian McKellan

    From a reference photo....
  6. inkpad.t

    Day After Tomorrow Theme

    Another painting I did ... In The Day After Tomorrow Theme. Image is low resolution.. stock reference used was from deviant art
  7. English_Wolf

    Many photoshop e-books avalable here

    The site seems legitimate. I removed the link EW These are copyrighted books
  8. P

    Can't move reference point

    Hey all, just signed up, having a bit of a rough time: I have a shape I made selected with Ctrl+T so I could rotate it. I don't want to rotate it around the center, so I usually just click and drag the reference point to a new spot. Today though, I can't seem to click on the reference point...
  9. 3

    non destructive reference line

    I want to create a non destructive reference line to guide me on where a background object is relative to the foreground object. I am using liquify and a pole in the background (even after masking) was pushed around and I need to remove it. to keep the realism i need to draw a reference line on...