1. B

    After installing the pattern Photoshop openning very slow.

    As part of my work i have to use lot of patterns and textures.I have a good collection of my own pixel pattern and other day i installed the pat file.From then on my Photoshop taking ages to open . Am using Photoshop 2015.5.0 release. And more over i had a decent Computer.Please help me sort out...
  2. dv8_fx

    Studio Ghibli's Animation Software - TOONZ - Free Release

    For those of you interested in Anime and Animation, Studio Ghibli is releasing its open-sourced edition of TOONZ PREMIUM on March 26, 2016. Toonz Premium enables you to create theater quality animation. You can now draw, Ink, Paint, Edit, Composite and Animate your scenes in your computer...
  3. dv8_fx

    PSGURUS' Photoshop CHALLENGE Guidelines

    Welcome to the forum's Photoshop Contest Area. Our activities here are meant to be fun so we want everyone among you to take part in the creative competitions. The following are the guidelines for our Monthly Member Challenges: CHALLENGE 1. There will be 1 challenge per month. 2...
  4. Paul

    Shutter release fails?

    Having an issue with my wired shutter release button, when using it in BULB mode it will only fire. Firing and releasing in any other setting works fine. Nikon D3100 - anyone?
  5. M

    3d Render

    Hi, i just started to learn Photoshop, i would like to know how to fix my 3D object render quality when i work on it, the quality is ok when i move it around with the mouse, but as soon i release the mouse, quality is ugly,like these 2 picture the first one is when i move the mouse, the...