remove person

  1. J

    Specific Could someone remove the people from the pic?

    Hi, I would appreciate if someone managed to remove the people in this picture; especially the three in front. If anyone could try to get them all out so that I'll have it as a clear landscape picture, that would be AMAZING. Much appreciation to anyone who wants to try out! Thanks!
  2. H

    Specific Please could someone remove the guy beside me

    Please could someone remove the guy on the right with white tracks and Airtel Marathon logo.
  3. M

    Specific Remove person and complete disney castle

    Hello everyone :) I recently went to Disney and know want some photo's to be a little different. First I want my sister (left) and the other woman in one of the photo's, photoshopped out. Second (if possible), I want the full Disney castle in the picture, where I now miss the top. Is that...
  4. S

    Please could someone help me by removing the girl from this photo

    Please could someone remove the girl from this photo, happy for you to crop it further if need be as wish to use as a profile picture. Many thanks for any help you can give.
  5. F

    Please remove the boy sitting in the middle.

    She's my crush and this is the only pic I have with her but the guy sitting in the middle is ruining it :( Please, remove the Guy sitting in the middle ! It will be a great favour. Thank you! [ I'm the one taking the picture ] here is pic GUYS PLEASE help me :( Thank you !