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  1. G

    how make this shadow text effect

    HI Friends, here is my request can any one tell me how to acheive this shadow effect under the text below the letters as i was new one to photoshop can any one tell is this effect can be created in illustrator and how it can be done? please help me how to do this. waiting for your reply...
  2. T

    Hello, need quick photoshop service.

    I need an image worked on shouldnt take more than an hour or two. work type: image enchancements, looking to pay ~15 usd for this, should take less than an hour for experienced guru :D msg me here for details.
  3. W

    Where can i get best free backgrounds for Background.

    Hello, I am looking for a website where i can get backgrounds for free. Check the link for backgrounds sample: Looking some thing like this. Please help me. Appreciate your single reply (y) Thanks a lot
  4. Z

    free digitally crafted fabric textures

    I'll be updating this thread as and when I've got the free time to do other fabric variations, and take the time to make them seamless. currently I have three nylon/polyester textures available for download. they can be used in any project you see fit, I regularly use them for my character...
  5. C

    It's newyear want celebrate..............

    Reply here.....................
  6. I

    Can you redo this image? Same format

    All done thanks to photoshop gurus !!