1. P

    Help with creating a search engine for Photoshop related tutorials and guides

    Hi all, First of all, I'd like to say that you have an amazing community here - I've been reading some of the posts here and it's a great place for all levels. Secondly, I wanted to ask a few questions, which will help us a lot with an initiative we are now working on. My team and I, from...
  2. kerby

    Greetings yung homies and old farts

    Sup, I'm kerby. I'm a freelance graphic designer and I also work at an architecture firm. My main role there is architectural visualization, i.e. renderings and colored floor plans for clients. I have about a decade of design experience, mostly in Gimp and Cinema 4D. Once I started my job, I got...
  3. S

    3D novice-advice

    Hello all, Just want to thank everyone in advance for any insight/advice you may be able to give me. I use PS for academic purposes but do not have much experience with the 3D side of things. I am doing some academic work for an upcoming article and am hoping to do a 3D rendering of a...
  4. D

    Free Texture Collection, 8 Different Texture Packs

    A collection of cool photo textures for both commercial and personal usage. The entire collection is divided into a separate texture packs. Great bundle for any graphic designer. Resolution: 3504x2336 px. Asphalt Textures download pack: Asphalt Texture Pack Rust Textures download pack...
  5. Vafann

    Free High Quality Resources

    Heeelooo! I Just bought the latest issue of Photoshop Creative (at least it´s the latest that has come to Sweden). Anyway, on the CD attached to the magazine, there was a link to a place with really high quality free resources, that I haven´t come across before. It´s all free for both personal...