1. chrisdesign

    3D Art Deco Armchair and Sculpture

    This is my first Blender work, using Cycles Render. The head inside the ring is postwork in PS. Critique and comments are welcome.
  2. gedstar

    3D Blender Ring

    Another one done from tutorial, hopefully some day this will get less confusing :shocked:
  3. K

    I need a photoshop ASAP in the next few hours

    Hey guys, I'm new here. I need a photoshop done, in the next few hours. I just need a picture of an engagement ring in my hand. Thanks.
  4. S

    Need Tutorial for Rings as attached Picture

    HI, I would like to make logos. How to make Ring like attached LOGO can any one give me tutorial for that Ring...
  5. Z

    Need a little help with color balance on Diamond and Jewelry

    Hello everyone! I am really looking forward to increase my knowledge in editing jewellery photos. I would like to emulate the "Tiffany" look on my jewellery photos. I understand it is a bit of play with color balance adjustment layer, but i cannot seem to find the right mix or the effect to...
  6. H

    Help with Logo...Any help appreciated greatly!!!

    I would like to take the "Beat It" phrase out of the blue ring and place above the "erd" in the word Nerd in black bold cursive. On the bottom in the blue ring I would like to put Fair Oaks, CA in a regular font. I appreciate any help as I know you are doing this on your own time. It is for a...
  7. V

    Patterned Rings in Perspective Question

    Hi there! I'm looking to achieve a specific effect of wrapping a pattern around a ring, and then putting that image into perspective where it appears to be receding into space. The best example I can find of this effect is in this image: Notice how the artist created these rings of...
  8. I

    Ring on a finger

    Hello! Can someone make me one photo from 2? I need to put a ring on a finger and i really don't know how. And i want it to look very real. I need the ring from the photo on the middle finger of her hand. Can help me? I really need your help
  9. D

    Very simple request

    All I need done here is I would like the diamonds golden and the blue to be a royal purple. Thanks a lot.