1. chrisdesign

    3D HIPSTR 5, 3D Steampunk Robot

    My new 3D image symbolizes a Steampunk Robot. This job was created using Blender. Only the steam outlets are inserted in Photoshop. The robot's name HIPSTR is a acronym of the following words: High / Intelligence / Pressure valve / Steampunk / Training / Robot Not much more to say to my...
  2. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Robot Bunny

    I know Easter is still some weeks away. Nevertheless, one must always be prepared for distributing gifts. A great help may be a robot who can do this job for you, haha. This is a work in progress, and that's the first picture of it. More will follow soon.
  3. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Robot Prowler

    A Photoshop 3D Concept of a Single Wheel Robot.
  4. albertdsouza

    Space girl

    I was trying to go for the cyborg/ robot effect. Any comments are always appreciated :)
  5. V

    Create a Cute Robot Using Adobe Illustrator

    Today, we have another VideoCreative tutorial. This tutorial contains unusual technique for creating Opacity Masks and plenty of effective techniques that allow us to achieve stunning results. This tutorial is made by Iaroslav Lazunov and a professional and in-demand designer Sant Valentin. You...