1. dv8_fx

    IF PSG RULED, vote your winner for Challenge #30

    It's a much better place if PSG Rules..... Thanks to all of you who took part. And a big hand to MrTom for hosting this edition of the Challenge!!!! Now it's time to vote our winner!!! ANY MEMBER CAN VOTE.... but to the participants, please don't vote for yourself.... lol VOTING ENDS ON...
  2. MrToM

    Challenge 30: IF PSG RULED!

    As the voting thread for the last challenge is already closed I'll have to convey my thanks here first to all 3 of you who voted for me... Thank-you. I wasn't aware I'd won it to be honest...I had a cryptic message....anyway....onward! CHALLENGE 30: IF PSG RULED! Imagine if PSG...