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  1. A

    Specific Teddy and Bunny next to a Reindeer

    Hi Photoshoppers, My kids sent this bear and bunny to live with Santa a few years ago. Ever since, Santa leaves a photo of the toys in the North Pole. Would someone please be able to photoshop the teddy next to the reindeer and the bunny leaning back on the reindeer? Dodgy sketch attached. I’ve...
  2. P

    Specific Please put a santa claus coat on me

    If you have more time, also pants and boots would be nice!
  3. Yorkmove

    Specific Photoshop Santa on the seesaw?

    Hi. love the previous photoshop of my cat and now seeing If someone would you be able to change the guy on the right of the seesaw for a Santa please?. i’ve attached an image of the Santa I would like. I’m hoping this is possible to do. I would love a Christmas photo of me and Santa haha...
  4. A

    Specific Teddy with Elves!

    Hi Photoshoppers, Would someone please be able to photoshop this teddy bear into the photo with the elves, sitting in the middle just behind the elves? The real bear is about 30cm tall. My kids gave this bear to Santa to live in the North Pole a few years ago, so I’d love to be able to leave...
  5. A

    Specific Teddy with Santa and Elves at the North Pole!

    Hi there, My daughter left one of her teddies out for Santa last year as a present. This year, I'd love Santa to leave some photos of the bear enjoying life at the north pole. Could someone photoshop the bear into some photos with Santa/elves/reindeer at the north pole? Thank you so much!
  6. C

    Is this reindeer real or photoshopped?

    Hi, I'm writing because a few years ago I got a scarf for rudolph and I put it by the fireplace for santa to give to him. My dad helped my set up a hidden camera to see santa take the scarf and I was really surprised when I saw santa bring the reindeer into the house when I watched the video...
  7. Paul

    Voting for Challenge 26

    Thanks again to all who made the effort, now it needs to be voted on. REMEMBER ANY MEMBER CAN VOTE NOT JUST THOSE WHO ENTERED 1. Paul 2. Mike MC 3. ibClare 4. gedstar 5. ALB68 - fire and ice 6. ibClare - frost girl 7. ibClare - circle image 8.ALB68 - santa chair 9. ibClare -...