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  1. R

    Arching A Wordmark

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. I have a very quick, simple question. Is there an easy way to uniformly arch a wordmark? I've warped an image before, but was never really satisfied with the outcome. I wish the same options for text was available for any selected image. Please assist and thank you...
  2. K

    Aircraft Reflections

    I posted a few months ago, trying to duplicate a style I liked of another photographer and so many on this forum were so wonderful to help me, I can't thank you all enough. Still not 100% satisfied with my results, in comparison to the other artist's reflections, but here is my latest attempt...
  3. Eggy

    3D Blender - An Apple a Day...

    You know... My first attempt to re-create some organic stuff. I'm not satisfied and realise I need to work a lot on that. :eek:
  4. Eggy

    Eggy's Sea

    I wasn't satisfied with the diorama 'A Piece Of The Sea' so I started all over. I like this one more...
  5. R

    not satisfied with the print!!!

    i have finished a layout design from a tarpaulin using ps with the size of 5X8 ft.after finishing the layout i change the resolution from 300 then save it as jpeg. it contains some images of a child and some text but, but when it was printed i'm not satisfied with the result. the image and the...